Institut Chiari

Specialists in medical and surgical solutions in patients with diseases of the spine and brain.

With more than 40 years in research development with the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and successful application in the clinic.

Core Specialities

Arnold Chiari Syndrome

The cerebellum and the brain stem extend into the foramen magnum, spina bifida.


Lateral curvature of the spine


Cerebrospinal fluid filled intramedullary cavities


Deformation of the occipital bone and the upper part of the cervical spine

Basilar Impression

Is a skeletal malformation characterized by translocation of the upper cervical spine and clivus into the foramen magnum


A toothlike process projecting from the anterior end of the centrum of the axis vertebra on which the atlas vertebra rotates

Brainstem Angulation

Angulation forward, between the lump and the spinal cord

Fium Disease

Affects the spine and nervous system causing pain throughout the body


In Spain you will find surgery with the most advanced technology

International Center

Has a high level of reputation on an international field, in which it has received patients from 76 countries.


More than 40 years doing research and applying this practically in the clinic.

High precision diagnosis

Minimally invasive treatment techniques are applied, obtaining maximum efficacy in the result.

Quality of patients

With the mission of curing patients and at the same time giving them the best service

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