Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement can reduce or eliminate pain.
This will help you to recover hip movement and increase your mobility.

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    Hip Replacement is an orthopedic surgery that completely replaces the damaged hip joint with an artificial implant known as a prosthesis.

    This surgery will help you regain the mobility of your hip and increase its range of motion.

    VidasPrime puts at your disposal the most qualified surgeons with extensive experience in the Hip Unit. These renowned doctors bet on the implantation of hip prostheses with minimally invasive surgeries in the anterior pathway (in front of the groin).

    Thanks to this technique, the recovery is much faster than the conventional procedure, while minimizing pain, incision size and hospital stay.

    In addition, in our clinics we have the most advanced diagnostic equipment and we offer you a quick access without waiting lists.

    Our priority is that your recovery is as quick as possible after the operation and that you can enjoy a much greater mobility and resume your daily activities without pain.

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      Relevant information

      Physical improvement after the intervention

      No pain 6 months later

      Overall satisfaction

      Cheaper than the UK or Germany


      30.000+ hip prostheses are implanted in Spain each year.

      Treatment characteristics

      Hip replacement surgery may be an option for you if your hip pain interferes with your daily activities and non-surgical treatments have not helped or are no longer effective.

      You might consider hip replacement surgery if you have a pain that:

      • Persists despite the medication you take to relieve it.
      • Worsens with walking, even with a cane or walker.
      • Makes it difficult for you to perform such trivial actions as dressing.
      • Affects your ability to go up or down stairs.
      • Makes it difficult to rise from a seated position.
      • Interferes with your night´s sleep.

      Minimally invasive hip replacement allows the surgeon to perform the hip replacement through one or two small incisions. Compared with the traditional hip replacement surgery, this technique may reduce the pain and speed up the recovery.

      • Minimal lesion of the vascular and periarticular nerve structures.
      • Minimal dissection and aggression of the musculature, ligaments and tendons.
      • Minimal bone resection. 
      • Minimal bleeding.
      • Minimal pain and faster recovery.

      In addition, it reduces the risk of infection to 50% compared to traditional surgery.

      Expect your new hip joint to reduce the pain you felt before your surgery and increase the range of movement in the joint.

      Despite this, keep in mind that you will have certain limitations and you will not have the same mobility that you had before your hip became painful.

      The minimally invasive surgery can significantly reduce the length of your stay in Spain to several days.

      The rehabilitation period after hip replacement surgery is approximately 14-21 days.

      The rehabilitation programme is adapted to your physiological characteristics. If you wish, you can attend a complete rehabilitation course in one of our clinics in Spain.

      After your return to your country, you will continue the rehabilitation programme according to the plan drawn up in Spain.

      The total rehabilitation period after hip replacement may take from several months to one year.

      Total Hip Replacement

      How is the surgery?

      The hip joint helps us keep our balance and supports our weight in all its movements. 

      The upper end of the leg bone (femur) has a rounded head (femoral head) that fits into a cavity (acetabulum) in the pelvis to form the hip joint.

      During total hip replacement surgery, the damaged part of the hip is removed and replaced with implants, called components.

      Our orthopaedic surgeon selects the components that are best for you, depending on your age, activity level, and body type.

      The surgery is completed in approximately one to three hours.

      You will recover in the Post Anesthesia Unit and a nurse will assist you before you are taken to your hospital room. 

      The average time in this unit is approximately two hours.

      Hip Replacement Surgery in Spain

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