Ankle Surgery

Ankle Surgery can reduce or eliminate pain. This procedure will decrease your pain and improve the function of your foot.

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    Ankle Surgery consists of replacing the damaged bone and cartilage that cause pain in the ankle joint with a prosthesis.

    The artificial joint helps the ankle maintain more natural movement, so there is less risk of arthritis in nearby joints.

    VidasPrime puts at your disposal the most qualified surgeons with extensive experience in the Ankle Unit. These renowned doctors bet on the implantation of ankle prostheses with minimally invasive surgeries in severely damaged ankle joints.

    Thanks to this technique, the recovery is much faster than the conventional procedure, while minimizing pain, incision size and hospital stay.

    In addition, in our clinics we have the most advanced diagnostic equipment and we offer you a quick access without waiting lists.

    Our priority is that your functional recovery after surgery allows you to return as soon as possible to your usual activities and sports without pain.

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      Treatment characteristics

      Ankle surgery may be an option when more conservative treatments do not relieve ankle pain caused by severe arthritis.

      In general, artificial ankle joints are often recommended for healthy people over 60 years old with inactive lifestyles.

      The most suitable surgery for you depends on your age, your activity level, and the severity of joint damage or deformity. 

      You should also keep in mind that high-impact activities, such as running and jumping, can damage an artificial ankle joint.

      In summary, the decision to have this surgery depends on several factors:

      • How bad your symptoms are (pain and the effect this has on your life).
      • Your response to other treatments, including drugs, orthoses and special foot wear.
      • Your current needs.

      Minimally invasive Ankle Surgery is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon makes smaller incisions than in traditional open surgery.

      • Minimal dissection and aggression of the musculature, ligaments and tendons.
      • Minimal bone resection. 
      • Minimal bleeding.
      • Minimal pain and faster recovery.
      • Better aesthetic result.

      In addition, it reduces the risk of infection to 50% compared to traditional surgery.

      On average about 80% of patients experience good to excellent results following Ankle Surgery.

      They have significant pain relief and return of good functional movement and strength.

      Some pain or discomfort is common for about 3-4 months following surgery.

      • At first, you will not be able to put weight on that foot. 
      • By the end of the second month your foot should be strong enough to begin limited weight bearing. 
      • Depending on the surgery, at three months, you may be able to walk short distances. 
      • The swelling on the surgical foot, and the range of motion of the surrounding joints should gradually improve over the first 6 months and you should be noticeably better than before the operation. 
      • Improvement will even occur up to one year after surgery.
      • Total Ankle Arthroplasties last 10 or more years. The length of yours will depend on your activity level, overall health, and the extent of damage to your ankle joint before surgery.

      The minimally invasive surgery can significantly reduce the length of your stay in Spain to several days.

      The rehabilitation period after ankle replacement surgery is approximately 3-6 months. After this period, joint mobility will be more comfortable.

      The rehabilitation programme is adapted to your physiological characteristics. If you wish, you can attend a complete rehabilitation course in one of our clinics in Spain.

      After your return to your country, you will continue the rehabilitation programme according to the plan drawn up in Spain.

      6-12 months after surgery you should have regained a very good level of function than before the procedure.

      The total rehabilitation period after ankle replacement may take from several months to one year. 

      Total Ankle Replacement

      How is the surgery?

      The ankle is a joint that plays an important role in standing and body weight distribution; alterations of its biomechanics cause pain and predisposes to recurrent injuries.

      Ankle surgery is performed through a small surgical incision on the front side of the damaged ankle.

      The damaged parts of the tibia and talus are then replaced with a metal implant that composes the new artificial joint.

      At the end of the procedure, the surgeon closes the wound with stitches.

      You will most likely need to wear a splint for a while to keep the ankle from moving.

      In most cases, ankle prosthesis last 10 or more years. The durability of yours will depend on your activity level, overall health, and the extent of damage to your ankle joint before surgery.

      However, the average patient can expect to obtain greater mobility and freedom from pain, which in turn will improve one’s quality of life.

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