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Metoidioplasty is the surgery by which a neopenis is created from the hypertrophy generated in the clitoris after hormonal treatment.

Treatment characteristics

This treatment is aimed at those adults with documented gender dysphoria who have undergone the necessary psychological evaluations and hormonal treatments to reach the final stage of transformation

This surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually lasts between 5 or 6 hours.


The intervention consists of;


– Removing a flap from the labia minora

– Obtain a graft from the anterior vaginal wall.

– Create a kind of “tube” that will allow the lengthening of the urethra from the base of the clitoris to the tip.


After your time in the recovery room you will be taken up to the ward, where you will stay for one week. On the ward you will receive the necessary care and rehabilitation to facilitate your discharge and return home.

The result is a functional but non-penetrating micropenis.

If you are able to stay in Spain during the entire recovery process you should stay here for about 1 month to monitor your progress with certain limitations, and between one and two months to achieve a full recovery

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