Mastectomy is the Female to Male surgical procedure used to create the most natural male breast possible for transgender men.

Travel to Spain is allowed for medical reasons.

Mastectomy is the surgical procedure in which breast glandular tissue is removed to achieve a smooth and symmetrical breast that is anatomically and aesthetically pleasing to the male.

This intervention can be carried out in different ways depending on the size of the breasts. 

If the breasts are small, you could undergo a mastectomy with subcutaneous nipple conservation, in which the skin, nipple and areola are preserved. This procedure minimizes scarring, has a faster recovery period and usually preserves nipple sensation. 

If the breasts are bigger, the nipples and areolas may need to be removed, resized, and grafted back into place. This causes more scarring and loss of feeling in the nipples.

The surgeon will determine which is the most appropriate technique for the patient, always taking into account his specific characteristics.

Spain is a leader in clinical research based on the most advanced procedures, pioneering in genital, plastic and aesthetic surgery, making them one of the most important treatments in Spain.

VidasPrime puts at your disposal prestigious doctors with extensive experience in this surgery who apply the most successful techniques.

You will achieve a male chest contour with excellent aesthetic results and the smallest possible scars, improving your self-esteem and contributing to considerably cure gender dysphoria.

We know how important it is to take this step to start a full life, so we want to be by your side and offer you support at all times during this process. In addition, we offer you quick access to our clinics without waiting lists. 

Our priority is that you feel comfortable at every step of this important transition and that your recovery after surgery is as quick and safe as possible.

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    Treatment characteristics

    This surgical procedure is suitable for adult transgender men with documented gender dysphoria who have undergone the necessary psychological evaluations and hormonal treatments to reach the final transition stage.

    Before the gender reassignment intervention is performed, the following requirements need to be met, as the changes the patient undergoes are irreversible:

    • Being of full legal age.
    •  Have undergone hormonal therapy for a minimum period of 9 months before the gender reassignment intervention.
    • Maintain contact with a psychologist who can rule out the existence of a transitory psychological condition and who certifies that the patient suffers a real process of transsexuality.
    • Have a certificate processed by a psychiatrist that confirms the diagnosis of transsexuality. This is a necessary legal requirement to carry out the surgical procedure.
    • Sign an informed consent that states the irreversibility of the surgery as well as the possible complications resulting from it.

    Mastectomy is performed under general anaesthesia and usually takes between 5 to 7 hours depending on the technique which the surgeon considers necessary. 

    These are the different techniques to perform the mastectomy depending on the size of the breasts:

    • Periareolar technique: this surgical technique is used when the breast is small. It consists of making an incision around the areola, through which glandular tissue is removed. This technique allows scars to be minimal.
    • Extended periareolar technique: this technique is usually used when the breasts are voluminous. It consists of making a periareolar incision and another one that is extended towards the armpit area, through which the glandular tissue is extracted. In this case, the scars are more evident than in the periareolar technique, although, with the passage of time, they may be concealed by hair.
    • Free graft technique: the surgeon usually chooses the areola graft technique when the patient is a smoker and has really large breasts. 

    If you are a carrier of genetic mutations that increase your risk of breast cancer, you may also choose to have your nipples and areolas completely removed, and then have surgery or a tattoo to recreate their appearance.

    After surgery, you may have to spend the night in the hospital. One or two small plastic tubes may be placed where your breasts were removed to drain any fluid that builds up after surgery. You may not be able to bear weight on your upper body for six weeks.

    After the Mastectomy and recovery, the patient will have a defined, breast free, male torso.

    If everything goes well, you can return to your country once the stitches are removed, which will be approximately 10 days post surgery. However, if you are able to stay in Spain longer, you should ideally remain for three or four weeks in order to monitor your progress. You will be reach full recovery in two to four months.

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