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Bilateral Subcutaneous Mastectomy

Bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy is surgery in which the mammary glands are removed to obtain a male torso. 100% satisfactory results. The patient will have the outcome desired.

Depending on the type of breast that you have, the technique that will be applied will be different. Your original breast will always be adapted to what you need and how you want it.

Treatment characteristics

This treatment is recommended for those adults with documented gender dysphoria who have undergone the necessary psychological evaluations and hormonal treatments to reach the final transition stage.

This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and usually takes between 5 to 7 hours.

The intervention consists of;

– Making some incisions around the areola

– Remove the breast tissue through the incisions.

– Excess skin is removed.

– The skin is sutured to the areolas.

After your time in the recovery room, you will be taken up to the ward, where you will stay for one night. On the ward you will receive the necessary care and rehabilitation to facilitate your discharge and return home.

The result is a defined, breast free, male torso.

If everything goes well, you can return to your country once the stitches are removed, which will be approximately 10 days post surgery. However, if you are able to stay in Spain longer, you should ideally remain for three or four weeks in order to monitor your progress. You will be reach full recovery in two to four months.

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