All on 4 / All on 6

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The All on 4 or All on 6 treatments are an excellent option if you require treatment for the entire mouth. It is a good way to save money. You will find much cheaper options than one-on-one dental implants.

Treatment characteristics

The all-on-four/six treatment is recommended for those patients who have lost several (or all) teeth.

The treatment consists of implanting several teeth, for one or both full arches, held in place by 4 or 6 implants.


This surgery is performed under conscious sedation and usually requires between 1 and 2 hours.


Once the implants are in place (the number will depend on the general health of your jaws and gum tissue), you can have your new teeth fitted one piece at a time or a provisional one can be fitted for a few months to allow for proper healing in cases with more severe bone reabsorption.

The result is a perfect smile, in accordance with your features, and fully functional teeth.

The time you will have to spend in Spain will vary depending on the health of your jaws and gum tissue, so you may need just 48 hours or a few weeks.

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