Polygraphic Tremor Study

Within the most innovative and cutting-edge techniques that exist in Spain, our hospitals use the most advanced diagnostic tools. This is one of the most standardised techniques in Europe and the United States to determine the response to hundreds of stimuli.

Consider coming to Spain when there are any of the following conditions: Multiple sclerosis, hearing loss, optic neuritis or head trauma.

Treatment characteristics

It is a diagnostic test which enables us to study how the body responds to electrical stimuli and to detect underlying pathologies and treat them in patients with tremors of non-specific origin.

Usually no prior preparation is required and it includes tests such as accelerometry and electromyography. The first is used to measure the patient’s physical activity in a controlled environment and during a specific period (the duration of the test), the second records the behavioural capacity of electricity in the area where the patient has the tremors and shows their reaction to the stimuli.

This is done by placing electrodes and needles “stuck” on the surrounding areas to be studied.

The performance of these studies helps us to discover what is happening to the body and, in this way, to be able to apply the appropriate treatment in order to keep the tremors under control.

The study is carried out in a few hours so your stay in Spain will depend on whether you want to undergo your treatment here afterwards.

So you could stay in Spain for a day or a few weeks.

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