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Oocyte Cryopreservation / Egg Freezing

Many women want to preserve their fertility over time. That is why many women today demand to freeze their own oocytes in order to get pregnant later from their own frozen eggs.

This process is completely standardised in Spain and is a technique that is widely used by women. Your first online visit will be free with the doctor as they will be the person who will guide you through the medical tests and information required to start your freezing procedure. 

Remember, Spain is a pioneer in Assisted Reproduction techniques. Do not miss this opportunity.

Treatment characteristics

This treatment is recommended in cases where there is no apparent cause that prevents conception or if the male partner has some type of hereditary disease that he does not want to transmit to his offspring or if one wants to be a mother without a male partner.

The treatment consists of freezing the oocytes using an ultra-fast freezing technique (up to 23,000ºC/min, as compared to 0.3ºC/min in slow freezing) with cryoprotectants. After freezing, they are kept in watertight containers of liquid nitrogen.

In order to obtain the oocytes, an ovarian puncture will be performed. This is a minor intervention that is performed under sedation and usually requires less than 20 minutes.

Using an ultrasound machine with a needle, the puncture is performed to aspirate the follicular fluid. Then, the oocytes will be extracted and vitrified in the laboratory.

The result is the preservation of the oocytes in time for their intended use.

You will only need to stay in Spain for a few days. The treatment is usually done for a few hours and does not normally involve any complications. It requires a day of rest and it is advisable to wait for a few days before returning to your country.

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