Mohs Microsurgery

Once you have been diagnosed with any type of skin cancer, you can be sure that in Spain you will have the opportunity to remove these tumours at any one of our private hospitals throughout the country.

The technique used is Mohs microsurgery, an effective technique in Spain that achieves around 90% healing. Thanks to advances in recent years, it is a technique established in countries like the United States, Australia or Spain.

Treatment characteristics

This type of surgery is performed to treat some forms of skin cancer.

By means of this treatment, the entire lesion is resected with extraordinary precision, preserving the maximum amount of healthy tissue.

This intervention requires between 1 and 4 hours depending on the size of the neoplasm to be treated (although it could take longer) and is performed under local anaesthetic (although, normally, you will be given a Valium or similar to relax).

This type of surgery requires, in addition to the surgeon, a histopathologist (that is, a sample analysis specialist who will study each sample taken by the doctor “in situ” to help determine at what point the removed tissue is healthy excision should be stopped).

It is usually done in 2 or 4 stages with a 20 minute wait between them. During this time, the wound will be covered with gauze and the histopathologist will study the removed tissue, thus providing the surgeon with the necessary information to know when the area is free of malignant tissue.

When this happens, the area is repaired and sutured.

It is estimated that 97% recover successfully without a trace of cancer.

You will need to stay in Spain for about 10 days so that the sutures can be removed a week after the procedure.

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