Bariatric Surgery Unit

POSE Method

Revolutionary non-invasive surgery by which a reduction of the stomach is achieved in less than 1 hour. 

With this technique, the capacity of the stomach can be reduced by about 20%. Contact us to change your life and eating habits from this technique.

Treatment characteristics

This treatment is the most suitable for those patients with a BMI of 30-40 (moderate obesity).

This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and usually takes no more than 45 minutes.

Once asleep, with the aid of the endoscope, a device is inserted through the mouth into the stomach, where a series of folds are made and sewn, reducing the capacity of the stomach and generating a sensation of rapid fullness

After your time in the recovery room, the doctor may recommend that you spend the night in the centre, but you will usually be discharged after a few hours.

Most patients who have undergone this surgery experience an almost total reduction in hip pain and a significant improvement in their quality of life as they are able to return to normal daily activities.

You only need to remain in Spain for one week.

Although, it would be recommendable for you to stay for a few weeks, in order to have a complete follow-up and easy access to the clinic. 

Your doctor will tell you the exact times when starting the treatment.

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