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Beauty treatments in Spain. Men and women who want to care for and maintain their beauty and physical appearance.

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    Nowadays the maintenance of individual aesthetics and beauty is one of the most important aspects which we want to maintain throughout our lives.

    Spain is at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, due to the high demand that has grown year by year among the Spanish people. In the last 5 years patients from all over the world have been coming to the major Spanish cities to receive economical cosmetic treatments combined with one of the most spectacular destinations for tourism.

    You can have your hair transplant surgery in Spain at a very competitive price, on par with other more famous destinations. Spanish clinics have extremely high quality standards due to the technology applied and the innovative procedures carried out.

    Some of the available treatments

    Hair transplant - Hair loss


    Facial remodelling

    Genital aesthetics

    Hair removal


    Varicose vein treatment

    Acne and sequelae

    Aesthetic treatments in Spain

    Hair micrografts

    Microsurgery by means of which healthy follicles are transplanted to sparsely populated areas.

    Treatments to improve the quality of our hair follicles such as mesotherapy, carboxytherapy and hair micro-graft implants.

    Female genital aesthetics

    Treatments (surgical and non-surgical) aimed at rejuvenating the female genital area. 

    Treatments (surgical or non-surgical) to recover a rejuvenated look and function

    Hyaluronic acid injections
    botulinum toxin (BOTOX)

    Treatment by means of injections of substances, unique or combined, that favour a rejuvenating aspect.



    Treatments to eliminate or minimize expression wrinkles, dermabrasion and chemical peelings to regenerate the skin, injections to soften expression lines, carboxytherapy for acne, scars… or laser for facial rejuvenation, tattoo removal, skin markings…

    Treatment by means of laser application that favors the rejuvenation of the epidermis.

    We will be with you
    throughout the entire process

    You have your medical consultation at VidasPrime with a health manager.

    Your health manager define the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

    You choose the doctor and the clinic you want and we plan your trip and your stay in Spain.

    Back home, we follow up with your recovery online in your country.

    Free additional services

    A driver will meet you at the airport in Spain, to take you to your hotel or clinic.

    A translator will be available for your doctor’s appointments whenever necessary

    We will be by your side to explain what the next step is at every moment

    your health

    35% of the Spanish population go to aesthetic treatments after 26 years of age

    Let VidasPrime be by your side
    every step of the way

    The best medical
    network in Spain

    We have the most prestigious doctors and the most advanced clinics, in the biggest cities throughout the country.

    Personalized treatments
    adapted to you

    We don’t limit ourselves to one medical option. We select the most suitable clinic and doctors, to offer unique treatment plans, tailored to each person.

    Priority access
    without waiting

    Thanks to our agreements with the best clinics, you will benefit from preferential conditions and priority access, without long waits.


    One of our Health Managers will be responsible for your case and will accompany you throughout the entire treatment process, talking to you in your language. 

    Your treatment plan
    in 24-48h.

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    Why Spain?

    Receive treatment in one of the best healthcare systems in the world.