Sant Joan De Deu

Hospital with 150 years of experience dedicated to the comprehensive care of women and children. It is the most specialized paediatric center in Europe. A reference center that treats any type of childhood illness.

A benchmark in Europe for treating rare haematological diseases. e.g. Congenital marrow failure, platelet disease etc… The professionals of Sant Joan de Deu diagnose and treat babies, children and young people with congenital structural defects and pathologies.

Core Specialities


Childhood oncology and haematology


Congenital heart diseases


Bone marrow transplantation

General Surgery

Rare diseases


Brain diseases


Child orthopaedics


Baby Health

Women Unit



In Spain you will find surgery with the most advanced technology


Every year more than 2,000 children and adolescents are treated, with survival results above 90% in brain tumors and other diseases.

98% survival after
cardiac surgery

Over a total of 250 surgeries on average per year. Less than 1% of patients need to be reoperated in the immediate postoperative period. The best quality standards in the world.

Paediatric surgeries

Any malformative, infectious, traumatic, inflammatory and oncological surgical pathology. The surgery service stands out for the development of techniques in minimally invasive surgeries.

First center in Europe

Pioneers in Europe applying intra-arterial chemotherapy to patients with retinoblastoma to avoid eye loss. First center to use anti-GD2 immunotherapy for high-risk neuroblastoma.


European Reference 

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