Ophthalmology Clinic Castillo

This ophthalmology clinic has been located in Madrid for 25 years. They were pioneers in the excimer laser for correction of myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.

Under the supervision of Dr. Alfredo Castillo, one of the 3 best ophthalmologists in Spain according to Forbes Magazine, they will provide a solution to your eye problem. The patient will note and appreciate the personalised, sincere and caring treatment.

The clinic is a 10-minute walk from Madrid’s famous and central Gran Vía.

Core Specialities


Impaired vision from clouding of the eye lens 

Refractive Surgery

Corrective vision surgery


Gradual loss of the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects

Dry Eye

Insufficient generation of tears in the eye

Children's Ophthalmology

Diagnosis and treatment of  eye disorders and diseases in children

Ocular Plastic Surgery

Regenerative and reparative cosmetic surgery

Macular Degeneration

Impaired vision in central visual field

Corneal Transplant

Surgery to remove and replace all or part of the damaged cornea


Highly qualified professionals in Ophthalmology to solve your eye problem

Doctor Alfredo Castillo

Doctor, researcher, disseminator with more than 20 years of experience in ophthalmology. This Cum Laude Doctor, is the leader of the clinic and all ophthalmologist medical professionals under his supervision.

Vocation for eye health

The Castillo Clinic offers you the most advanced technology for the eye. You can enjoy eye health and aesthetics as you have always wanted. Once you contact us, we will explain the techniques used by the Doctor

The patient first

The patient is at the center of all movements at the Castillo clinic. The entire team works to offer a 100% personalized treatment with which you can once again feel comfortable and without discomfort with your vision and eyes

Innovative surgeries

Your cataracts will disappear in a surgery of no more than 20 minutes. Innovation in technique has always highlighted Dr. Castillo’s team. You have the peace of mind of being in the best hands as far as your vision is concerned



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