Ocean Clinic

Ocean Clinic stands out for its facilities and their highly skilled medical team. Directed by the highly renowned Doctor R. Fakin, an expert in cosmetic surgeries, especially gender reassignment surgeries, facial and breast surgeries.

Core Specialities

Transgender Surgery



Facial Treatments

Madrid & Marbella

In Spain you will find surgery with the most advanced technology.

Specialization in breast surgery.

Using the latest techniques, with the highest quality of implant and creating only a 5 cm scar.

Gender reassignment surgery.

Stands out for the combination of the most advanced techniques used to date, bringing the best of European surgical teachings, with the most innovative and realistic techniques from Thailand.

Facial surgery for women and men

Using techniques created exclusively by Ocean Clinic surgeons like PaveLift or LiftingLiquid. They combine different treatments into a single surgery.

Medical-aesthetic services

They have a wide variation of services including rejuvenation treatments, a line of dermatological aesthetics and much more.

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Plastic Surgery

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