Institut Guttman

Hospital specialised in medical-surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people for both adults and children with spinal cord injury, brain damage and other disabilities of a neurological origin.

9 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​it has state-of-the-art facilities, a team of more than 400 people and the experience of being the center of reference in Spain with more than 18,000 patients treated at the center. It is one of the most advanced Neurorehabilitation hospitals worldwide.

Before arriving at the Institut Guttmann we will provide you with your therapeutic plan and prepare your accommodation at the facilities. The patient will have at their disposal an interdisciplinary therapeutic team that will assist during their treatment in the hospital. Following the patient’s rehabilitation, follow-up can be done through the Guttmann Brain Health Institute.

Core Specialities

Spinal Cord Injury

Damage which causes temporary or permanent changes  function

Multiple Sclerosis

A potentially debilitating disease of the central nervous system

Parkinson's Disease

A degrenerative nervous system disorder which affects movement

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Motor neurone disease which causes loss of muscle control

Childhood Cerebral Palsy

Movement disorders which appear in early childhood

Craniocerebral Trauma

Traumatic injuries involving the cranium and intracranial structures


Congenital Limb Deficiency


Caused by sudden loss of blood flow to the brain area or by bleeding in the brain cavity


High specialization and effectiveness in treatments. One of the best intensive rehabilitation hospitals for young adults and children

Stroke Rehabilitation

Neurorehabilitation supports and enables those affected to optimize their functions, enhance conserved abilities and help adaptation with new limitations. It is about achieving the maximum possible autonomy. 
Of the people with severe brain damage, at 2 years after discharge, 47% are autonomous for normal activities.

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

Work is being done to restore, minimize, or compensate for functional alterations due to spinal cord injury. Specific clinical procedures are applied which are capable of bringing noticeable improvements to patients lives. Objective, to achieve the highest possible degree of autonomy, recovery of self-esteem and social life.
Of the people with spinal cord injury, 2 years after clinical discharge, 43% value their quality of life as good and very good.

Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

Depending on the person’s stage, the development and control phases are different. In all of them, the control and follow-up for the detection of possible complications is transcendental for the future of the person.

Working Methodology Exclusive to Europe

Their particular way of working with interdisciplinary teams achieves a higher effectiveness in treatments and rehabilitation processes. 
Thanks to having the best facilities over 20,000m2 and the continuous incorporation of technology make the center one of the most modern in the world.


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