GenesisCare is a leader in cancer treatment. With more than 30 years’ experience in 60 centers around the world, GenesisCare is one of the largest centers of self-developed knowledge about cancer.

It offers a wide variety of specialties such as: medical and radiotherapy oncology, radiosurgery, tomotherapy, brachytherapy, palliative radiotherapy, genetic counseling and family cancer. To all this, treatments for benign pathologies are alsoprovided.

GenesisCare offers use of one of the three Cyberknife robotic radiosurgery equipment that exist throughout Spain.

Core Specialities


Paediatric and adult oncology


Oncology treatment

Benign Diseases

Cure and treatment 


Oncology surgery

21 Centers in Spain

In Spain you will find surgery with the most advanced technology

Pioneers in radiotherapy oncology

Introducing advanced radiotherapy treatments. Currently it allows for excellent precision destroying cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues, shortening the number of sessions per treatment.

Prostate cancer in 5 sessions.

Leading-edge technology is offered: SBRT + gel consisting of more powerful doses of radiation to the prostate cancer tumor. What was previously treated in 28-30 sessions, can now be done in 5. The gel manages to separate the prostate and the rectum allowing safety in radiation.

Breast cancer. Safety for the heart

It is carried out from Vision RT pioneering positioning, combining it with the DIBH technique, making the dose applied close to the heart safer, helping to avoid added risks due to its proximity to the heart

Benign diseases

Treatment of non-oncological diseases that can be alleviated with low-dose radiation therapy. Benign diseases such as osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, Dupuytren or keloids benefit from the therapeutic effect


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