Clínica Tambre

Clinic Tambre has an extensive track record in the world of reproductive medicine, which has allowed them to achieve the highest success rates not only in Spain but throughout Europe. Pioneers in assisted reproduction, they have the most complete team of fertility experts who guarantee the birth of a healthy baby.

The success rate in those under 35 is 58%, and 56% in those between 35-40 years. Those over 40 have a 37% success rate. All metrics above the average of any European clinic.

Core Specialities

Artificial Insemination

Sperm is placed into the cervix or uterine cavity to assist fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

Eggs are fertilized in a lab and then placed within the uterus

Egg Donation

Donors are screened and meet set criteria

Egg Freezing

Saving eggs for future fertility treatment


40 years as fertility specialists

In Vitro Fertilization

The quality of the semen is essential for success. To increase success rates, it is common to stimulate the ovaries to confirm the maturation of at least 2-3 follicles. During the entire treatment it will be controlled by ultrasound, which will allow the insemination to be scheduled.

Helping to create families

In its 40-year history, Tambre has focused on helping to create new families. It has the possibility of donation and an egg and semen bank.

Techniques in the Tambre Clinic

State of the art devices for sperm selection (Chip fertile), embryo incubator, blast transfer or genetic testing. All efforts put into the success of fertilization.

In the city centre of Madrid

The Tambre clinic has 3 laboratories: andrology, in vitro fertilization and cryobiology. 9 people work continuously in these laboratories. 

There are also 6 individual recovery rooms and a completely independent nursing room for patients who come from outside of Spain.


Quality certificate 
ISO 9001

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