Clínica DKF

The DKF clinic brings together specialists of the highest level in Spain. The selection of these doctors make it a clinic where the best medicine in Europe is offered. 

The state of the art facilities, at the forefront of technology, create an excellent patient experience at DKF. This clinic in the center of the city of Madrid, can be found in the city’s most exclusive neighborhood. You will be able to enjoy the city at the same time as receiving medical treatment at DKF.

Core Specialities


Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases


Diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the musculoskeletal system

Sports Medicine

The prevention and treatment of sports injuries

Plastic Surgery

Restorative and reconstructive cosmetic surgery


Treatment for disorders affecting the brain

Regenerative Medicine

Treatment for the restoration of structure and function to damaged tissues and organs

Locomotive System

Human musculoskeletal system – controls movement


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The selection of the best specialists gathered in this clinic in the center of Madrid

First-Rate Doctors in Madrid

Led by Dr. Freitag, specialist in Locomotor Apparatus and Rheumatology, the most leading doctors in each of the medical specialties have been selected to give a PREMIUM service to patients who come to the clinic in Madrid

Locomotor Apparatus Unit

Application of new diagnostic techniques and treatments to offer the greatest possible well-being to people with chronic diseases that require continuous monitoring and specific treatment at all times

Regenerative Medicine

Focused on the recovery of damaged tissues, injuries or diseases through effective techniques. In this case, cell therapy is the one chosen and the one that offers better results since the patient’s own cells are used to recover the damage caused

Advanced Technology

Highlights include shock waves, platelet-rich plasma treatment, minimally invasive surgery, and endoscopic spine surgery. At DKF you will have the opportunity to use the most advanced technology together with the most effective medical services

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Pediatric Neurosurgeon

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Dr. Laureano


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Dr. Alfredo Castillo


Dr. JorgePlanas

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ramón Cugat Traumatology

Dr. Ramón Cugat


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