Barraquer Ophthalmology Center can be found in the center of Barcelona, it is the leading ophthalmology clinic in Europe. At an international level, it stands out for being a center of reference in corneal transplantation.

More than 30 ophthalmologists work in the clinic, they have facilities of more than 13,000m2 dedicated exclusively to ophthalmology. Barraquer is consolidated as an international benchmark institution for revolutionary techniques and excellent quality and assistance in eye health care.

Core Specialities


Deformed images and unclear the outline of things


Surgery involves removing the opaque lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.


Condition in which visual images come to a focus behind the retina


Cause of impaired vision

Dry Eye

Prevention and treatments

Corneal Transplant

Partial or total replacement of the cornea


Degenerative disease caused by increased pressure within the eye

Complicated Eye Injuries

Others treatments


In Spain you will find surgery with the most advanced technology

Ophthalmological Specialties

This is a comprehensive eye care center. No matter the pathology, here you will benefit from a high level of hyperspecialization. The team is complemented by professionals from other specialties to give a 100% personalised treatment.

Eye Surgery in Spain

The knowledge that the clinic has gained since its opening in 1947, has resulted in more than 270 international publications, being involved in 23 clinical research projects and having 16 clinical trials active

Constant Research and Innovation

Being in constant evolution has made them pioneers in new surgical techniques and in the development of new drugs that allow vision to be recovered and multiple eye conditions to be cured.

First Center in Europe

Barraque Clinic’s mission is to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment plan and surgery phases of the patient. That is why you will have a plan 100% prepared thinking about your specific needs.


Quality Certificated 

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